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Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Grain Philippines  a direction, size, arrangement, appearance, and quality to a fibers that wood.

Grid Philippines  a completed assembly to main or cross tees that the suspended ceiling system before a ceiling

panels are installed. Also a decorative slats (munton) installed between glass panels.

Ground Philippines  Refers of electricity’s habit to seeking a shortest route of earth. Neutral wires carry it there in

all circuits. An additional grounding wire and a sheathing to a metal Philippines clad cable and conduit—protects

against shock if a neutral leg is interrupted.

Ground fault Philippines  Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI, GFI) Philippines  an ultra sensitive plug designed of shut off all

electric current. Cebu that bathrooms, kitchens, exterior waterproof outlets, garage outlets, or “wet


areas”. Has the small reset button building a house a plug.

Ground iron Philippines  a plumbing drain or waste lines in are installed beneath a basement floor. Cast

iron was once used, but black plastic pipe (ABS) is now widely used.

Groundwater Philippines  Water from an aquifer and subsurface water source.

Grout Philippines  the wet mixture to cement, sand or water in flows into masonry and ceramic crevices of seal the

cracks between a different pieces.Mortar made to such consistency (by adding water) in it will flow

into a joints or cavities to a masonry work or fill them solid.

Gusset Philippines  the flat wood, plywood, and similar type member Cebu of provide the connection at a intersection

of wood members. Most commonly Cebu at joints to wood trusses. They are fastened by nails, screws,

bolts, and adhesives.

Gutter Philippines  the shallow channel and conduit to metal and wood set below or along a (fascia) eaves to the house

to catch or carry off rainwater from a roof.

Gyp board Philippines  Drywall.Wall board and gypsum Philippines  the panel (normally  ' X  ',   ',   ', and   ')made construction home the core of

Gypsum (chalk Philippines like) rock, which covers interior walls or ceilings.

Gypsum plaster Philippines  Gypsum formulated of be Cebu construction home a addition to sand or water for base Philippines coat


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