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Friday, June 28, 2013

Sanitary sewer Philippines the sewer system designed

small second roof built behind a back side to the fireplace chimney of divert water around the

chimney. Also, a plate at a bottom to some—usually exterior—door openings. Sometimes called a


Sack mix Philippines  a amount to Portland cement that the cubic yard to concrete mix. Generally,   and   sack is

required that the foundation wall.

Sales contract  Philippines  the contract between the buyer or seller which should explain: ( )What a purchase

includes, ( )What guarantees there are, ( )When a buyer can move in, ( ) What a closing costs are,

and ( ) What recourse a parties have if a contract is not fulfilled and if a buyer cannot get a

mortgage commitment at a agreed upon time.

Sand float finish Philippines  Lime in is mixed construction home sand, resulting that the textured finish building a house the wall.

Sanitary sewer Philippines  the sewer system designed for a collection to waste water from a bathroom, kitchen

and laundry drains, or is usually not designed of handle storm water.

Sash Philippines  the single light frame containing one and more lights to glass. a frame in holds a glass that a

window, often a movable part to a window.

Sash balance Philippines  the device, usually operated by the spring or designed of hold the single hung window vent up

and that place

Saturated felt Philippines  the felt which is impregnated construction home tar and asphalt.

Schedule (window, door, mirror) Philippines  the table building a house a blueprints in list a sizes, quantities or locations of

the windows, doors or mirrors.


Scrap out Philippines  a removal to all drywall material or debris after a home is “hung out” (installed) with


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