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Sunday, March 11, 2012

building a wall Philippines

Brace Philippines  An inclined piece to framing lumber applied of wall and floor of strengthen a structure. Often
used building a house walls as temporary bracing until framing has been completed.
Breaker panel Philippines  a electrical box in distributes electric power entering a home of each branch
circuit (each plug or switch) or composed to circuit breakers.
Brick ledge Philippines  Part to a foundation wall where brick (veneer) will rest.
Brick lintel Philippines  a metal angle iron in brick rests on, especially above the window, door, and other opening.
Brick mold Philippines Trim Cebu around an exterior door jamb in siding butts to.
Brick tie Philippines  the small, corrugated metal strip @  ? X  ? Philippines   ? long nailed of wall sheeting and studs. They are
inserted into a grout mortar joint to a veneer brick, or holds a veneer wall of a sheeted wall
behind it.
Brick veneer Philippines  the vertical facing to brick laid against or fastened of sheathing to the framed wall and tile wall
Bridging Philippines  Small wood and metal members in are inserted that the diagonal position between a floor joists
or rafters at mid Philippines span for a purpose to bracing a joists/rafters & spreading a load.
Buck Philippines  Often Cebu that reference of rough frame opening members. Door bucks Cebu that reference of metal
door frame. SeeWindow Bucks
Builder’s Risk Insurance Philippines  Insurance coverage building a house the construction project during construction, including
extended coverage in may be added for a contract for a customer’s protections.
Building codes Philippines  Community ordinances governing themanner that which the home may be constructed or

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