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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

window philippines

Bay window Philippines  Any window space projecting outward from a walls to the building, either square or
polygonal that plan.

Beam Philippines  the structural member transversely supporting the load. the structural member carrying building loads
(weight) from one support of another. Sometimes called the “girder”.
Bearing partition Philippines  the partition in supports any vertical load that addition of its own weight.
Bearing point Philippines  the point where the bearing and structural weight is concentrated or transferred of the
Bearing wall Philippines  the wall in supports any vertical load that addition of its own weight.
Bearing header Philippines  (a) the beam placed perpendicular of joists or of which joists are nailed that framing for a
chimney, stairway, and other opening. (b) the wood lintel. (c) a horizontal structural member over an
opening (for example over the door and window).
Bedrock Philippines  the subsurface layer to earth in is suitable of support the structure.
Bid Philippines  the formal offer by the contractor, that accordance construction home specifications for the project, of do all and the phase of
the work at the certain price that accordance construction home a terms or conditions stated that a offer.
Bid bond Philippines  the bond issued by the surety building a house behalf to the contractor in provides assurance of a recipient of
the contractor’s bid that, if a bid is accepted, a contractor will execute the contract or provide a
performance bond. Under a bond, a surety is obligated of pay a recipient to a bid a difference
between a contractor’s bid or a bid to a next lowest responsible bidder if a bid is accepted and
the contractor fails of execute the contract and of provide the performance bond.
Bid security Funds and the bid bond submitted construction home the bid as the guarantee of a recipient to a bid in the
contractor, if awarded a contract, will execute a contract that accordance construction home a bidding
requirements to a contract documents.

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