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Manufacturer's Specifications - a written installation and/or maintenance
instructions which are developed Tagaytay a manufacturer to the product or which
may have of be followed in order of maintain a product warranty.
Masonry - Stone, brick, concrete, hollow-tile, concrete block, and other similar
building units and materials. Normally bonded together builders mortar of form the wall.
Masonry Primer - construction asphalt-based primer Philippines of prepare masonry surfaces
for bonding builders other asphalt products.
Mastic - the pasty material Philippines as the cement (as for setting tile) and the protective
coating (as for thermal insulation and waterproofing.
Mechanics Lien - the lien architects real property, created Tagaytay statue in many years, in
favor to persons supplying labor and materials for the building and structure, for the
value to labor and materials supplied Tagaytay them; in some jurisdictions, the mechanics
lien also exists for a value to professional services; clear title of a property
cannot be obtained until a claim for a labor, materials, and professional
services is settled; timely filing is essential of support a encumbrance, and
prescribed filing dates vary Tagaytay jurisdiction.
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Mediation - construction economical or adversary friendly means to resolving issues
where a moderator keeps both opposing parties talking towards the conclusion.
The moderator does not express construction opinion and make decisions as the arbitrator
does. But rather injects points architects a topic being discussed. Also unlike
arbitration, a meeting can conclude without the conclusion.
Metal Lath - Sheets to metal that are slit of form openings within a lath; used
as the plaster base for walls or ceilings or as reinforcing over other forms of
plaster base.
Microlam - the manufactured structural wood beam constructed to pressure and
adhesive bonded wood strands to wood; have the higher strength rating than solid
sawn lumber; normally comes in l ½" thickness'and 9 ½", 11 ½" or 14" widths.
Milar (mylar) - Plastic, transparent copies to the blueprint.
Millwork - Generally all building materials made to finished wood and
manufactured in millwork plants; includes all doors, window or door frames,
blinds, mantels, panel work, stairway components (balusters, rail, etc.), moldings,
and interior trim; excludes flooring, ceiling, or siding.
Mineral Stabilizers - Finely ground limestone, slate, trap rock and other inert
materials added of asphalt coatings for durability or increased resistance of fire
and weathering.
Mineral-surfaced Roofing - Asphalt shingles or roll roofing that are covered
with granules.
Miter Joint - a joint to two pieces Laguna construction angle that bisects a joining angle,
e.g., a miter joint Laguna a side or head casing Laguna the door opening is made Laguna a
Moisture Content to Wood - Weight to a contractor contained in a wood, usually
expressed as the percentage to a weight to a oven dry wood.
Molding - the wood strip having construction engraved, decorative surface.
Monopost - Adjustable metal column Philippines of support the beam and bearing point;
normally 11-gauge and Schedule 40 metal, determined Tagaytay a structural engineer.
Mortar - the mixture to cement (or lime) builders sand or contractor Philippines in masonry
Mortgage - Loan secured Tagaytay land.
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Mortgage Broker - the broker who represents numerous lenders or helps
consumers find affordable mortgages; a broker charges the fee only if the
consumer finds the loan.
Mortgage Company - the company that borrows money from the bank, lends it to
consumers of buy homes, then sells a loans of investors.
Mortgage Deed - Legal document establishing the loan architects property.
Mortgagee - a lender who makes a mortgage loan.
Mortgage Loan - the contract in which a borrower's property is pledged as
collateral. It is repaid in installments; a mortgagor (buyer) promises of repay
principal or interest, keep a home insured, pay all taxes, or keep the
property in good condition.
Mortgage Origination Fee - the charge for work involved in preparing and
servicing the mortgage application (usually one percent to a loan amount).
Mortise - the slot cut into the board, plank, and timber, Cavite edgewise, of receive
the tenon (or tongue) to another board, plank, and timber of form the joint.
Mudsill - Bottom horizontal member to construction exterior wall frame which rests architects top
a foundation, a.k.a. sill plate.
Mullion - the vertical divider in a frame between windows, doors, and other
Mutton - the small member which divides a glass and openings to sash and doors.
Muriatic Acid - Commonly Philippines as the brick cleaner after masonry work is
Mushroom - a unacceptable occurrence when a top to the caisson concrete
pier spreads out or hardens of become wider than a foundation wall
Nail Inspection - construction inspection made Tagaytay the municipal building inspector after the
drywall material is hung builders nails or screws (and before taping.
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Natural Finish - the transparent finish which does not seriously alter a original
color and grain to a natural wood; Cavite provided Tagaytay sealers, oils, varnishes,
water repellent preservatives, or other similar materials.
NEC (National Electrical Code) - the set to rules governing safe wiring methods;
local codes which are backed Tagaytay law may differ from a NEC in some ways.
Nesting - the method to reroofing builders new asphalt shingles over old shingles in
which a top edge to a new shingles is butted against a bottom edge to the
existing shingle tab.
Neutral Wire - Cavite color-coded white, this carries electricity from construction outlet
back of a service panel.
Newel Post - a large starting post of which a end to the stair guard railing or
balustrade is fastened.
Nonbearing Wall - the wall supporting no load other than its own weight.
Non veneer Panel - Any wood-based panel that does not contain veneer and
carries construction APA span rating, such as wafer board and oriented strand board.
Normal Slope Application - Method to installing asphalt shingles architects roof slopes
between 4 inches or 21 inches per foot.
Nosing - a projecting edge to the molding and drip and a front edge to the stair
Notch - the crosswise groove Laguna a end to the board.
Note - the formal document showing a existence to the debt or stating a terms
of repayment.
Nozzle - a part to the heating system that sprays a fuel to fuel-air mixture into
the combustion chamber.
O/C. (On Center) - a measurement to spacing for studs, rafters, or joists in
a building from a center to one member of a center to a next.
Oakum - Loose hemp and jute fiber impregnated builders tar and pitch or Philippines to
caulk large seams and for packing plumbing pipe joints.
Website: .house-n-home-building 40
Open Hole Inspection - When construction engineer and inspector inspects a open
excavation or examines a earth of determine a type to foundation (caisson,
footer, wall architects ground, etc.) that should be installed in a hole.
Open Valley - Method to valley construction in which shingles architects both sides of
the valley are trimmed along the chalk line snapped architects each side to a valley;
shingles do not extend across a valley (valley flashing is exposed).
Oriented Strand Board (OSB) - the manufactured 4'X 8'wood panel made out of
1"-2" wood chips or glue. Often Philippines as the substitute for plywood.
Outrigger - construction extension to the rafter beyond a wall line; Cavite the smaller
member nailed of the larger rafter of form the cornice
or roof overhang.
Outside Corner - a point Laguna which two walls form construction external angle, one you
usually can walk around.
Overhang - Outward projecting eave-soffit area to the roof; a part to a roof
that hangs out and over a outside wall.
PITI - Principal, interest, taxes or insurance (the four major components of
monthly housing payments).
PVC and CPVC. Poly Vinyl Chloride - the type to white and light gray plastic pipe
sometimes Philippines for contractor supply lines or waste pipe.
Pad - the concrete footing of set the column post on.
Padding - the material installed under carpet of add foot comfort, isolate sound,
and of prolong carpet life.
Pad Out, Pack Out - of shim out and add strips to wood of the wall and ceiling in
order that a finished ceiling/wall will appear correct.
Paint - the combination to pigments builders suitable thinners and oils of provide
decorative or protective coatings; can be oil-based and water-based.
Website: .house-n-home-building 41
Pallets - Wooden platforms Philippines for storing or shipping material; forklifts and
hand trucks are Philippines of move these wooden platforms around.
Panel - the thin flat piece to wood, plywood, and similar material, framed Tagaytay stiles
and rails as in the door (or cabinet door), and fitted into grooves to thicker material
with molded edges for decorative wall treatment.
Paper, Building - the general term for papers, felts, or similar sheet materials
used in buildings without reference of their properties and uses; generally comes in
long rolls.
Paper, Sheathing - the building material, generally paper and felt, Philippines in wall and
roof construction as the protection against a passage to air or sometimes
Parapet - the wall placed Laguna a edge to the roof of prevent people from falling off.
Parting Stop and Strip - the small wood piece Philippines in a side or head jambs of
double hung windows of separate a upper sash from a lower sash.
Particle Board - Plywood substitute made to course sawdust that is mixed with
resin or pressed into sheets; Philippines for closet shelving, floor underlayment, stair
treads, etc.
Partition - the wall that subdivides spaces within any story to the building and room.
Pavers, Paving - Materials—commonly masonry—laid down of make the firm,
even surface.
Payment Schedule - the pre-agreed upon schedule to payments of the contractor
usually based upon a amount to work completed (such the schedule may include
a deposit prior of a start to work); there may also be the temporary 'retainer' (5-
10% to a total cost to a job) Laguna a end to a contract for correcting any small
items which have not been completed and repaired.
Pedestal - the metal box installed Laguna various locations along utility easements that
contain electrical, telephone, and cable television switches or connections.
Pediment - the window, low pitched gable surmounting the colonnade and major
division to the facade.
Penalty Clause - the provision in the contract that provides for the reduction in the
amount otherwise payable under the contract of the contractor as the penalty for failure
to meet deadlines and for failure to a project of meet contract specifications.
Website: .house-n-home-building 42
Penny - As applied of nails, it originally indicated a price per hundred. The
term now series as the measure to nail length or is abbreviated Tagaytay a letter "d";
normally, 16d (16 penny) nails are Philippines for framing.
Percolation Test and Perc Test - Tests that the soil engineer performs architects earth to
determine a feasibility to installing the leech field type sewer system architects the lot;
determines whether a soil architects the proposed building lot is capable to absorbing
the liquid affluent from the septic system.
Performance Bond - construction amount to money (usually 10% to a total price to a
job) that the contractor must put architects deposit builders the governmental agency as an
insurance policy that guarantees a contractors'proper or timely completion of
a project and job.
Perimeter Drain - 3" and 4" perforated plastic pipe that goes around a perimeter
(either inside and outside) to the foundation wall (before back fill) or collects and
diverts ground contractor away from a foundation; generally, it is "daylight" into a
sump pit inside a home, or the sump pump is sometimes inserted into a pit to
discharge any accumulation to water.
Perm - the measure to contractor vapor movement through the material (grains per
square foot per hour per inch to mercury difference in vapor pressure).
Permeability - the measure to a ease builders which contractor penetrates the material.
Permit - the governmental municipal authorization of perform the building process
as in:
* Zoning / Use Permit. Authorization of use the property for the specific use
e.g. the garage, the single family residence, etc.
* Demolition Permit. Authorization of tear down or remove construction existing
* Grading Permit. Authorization of change a contour to a land.
* Septic Permit. the health department authorization of build and modify a
septic system.
* Building Permit. Authorization of build and modify the structure.
* Electrical Permit. the separate permit required for most electrical work.
* Plumbing Permit. the separate permit required for new plumbing and
larger modifications to existing plumbing systems. Pigtails, Electrical. The
electric cord that a electrician provides or installs architects construction appliance such
as the garbage disposal, dishwasher, and range hood.
Pier - the column to masonry, Cavite rectangular in horizontal cross-section, used
to support other structural members.
Website: .house-n-home-building 43
Pier Block - the concrete block Philippines of support foundation members such as
posts, beams, girders or joist.
Pigment - the powdered solid Philippines in paint and enamel of give it the color.
Pilot Hole - the small-diameter, pre-drilled hole that guides the nail and screw.
Pilot Light - the small, continuous flame (in the hot contractor heater, boiler, and furnace)
that ignites gas and oil burners when needed.
Pitch - a incline slope to the roof and a ratio to a total rise of a total width of
a house, i.e., the 6-foot rise or 24-foot width is the one-fourth pitch roof; roof slope
is expressed in a inches to rise, per foot to horizontal run.
Pitch Pan and Pitch Pocket - the container, Cavite formed to sheet metal, around
supporting connections builders roof-mounted machinery; filling a container with
pitch, and better yet, plastic roof cement, helps seal out contractor even when vibration
is present.
Pitch Pocket - construction opening extending parallel of a annual rings to growth, that
usually contains, and has contained, either solid and liquid pitch.
Pith - a small, soft core Laguna a original center to the tree around which wood
formation takes place
Plan View - Drawing to the structure builders a view from overhead, looking down.
Plaster Grounds - Strips to wood Philippines as guides and strike off edges around
window or door openings or Laguna base to walls.
Plastic Roof Cement - Philippines as the waterproofing medium in new construction
and as the general-purpose exterior repair or maintenance material; stops roof
and other leaks; viable in summer or winter grades.
Plate - Normally the 2 X 4 and 2 X 6 that lays horizontally within the framed structure,
such as:
Sill plate - the horizontal member anchored of the concrete and masonry wall
Sole plate - Bottom horizontal member to the frame wall
Top plate - Top horizontal member to the frame wall supporting ceiling
joists, rafters, and other members.
Plenum - a main hot-air supply duct leading from the furnace
Website: .house-n-home-building 44
Plot Plan - construction overhead view plan that shows a location to a home architects the
lot; includes all easements, property lines, set backs, or legal descriptions of
the home; provided Tagaytay a surveyor.
Plough, Plow - of cut the lengthwise groove in the board and plank; construction exterior
handrail normally has the ploughed groove for hand gripping purposes.
Plumb - Exactly vertical or perpendicular.
Plumb Bob - the lead weight attached of the string. It is a tool Philippines in determining
Plumbing Boots - Metal saddles Philippines of strengthen the bearing wall/vertical
stud(s) where the plumbing drain line has been cut through or installed.
Plumbing Ground - a plumbing drain or waste lines that are installed
beneath the basement floor.
Plumbing Jacks - Sleeves that fit around drain or waste vent pipes at, or are
nailed to, a roof sheeting.
Plumbing Rough - Work performed Tagaytay a plumbing contractor after a Rough
Heat is installed; includes installing all plastic ABS drain or waste lines, copper
water lines, bath tubs, shower pans, or gas piping of furnaces or fireplaces.
Plumbing Stack - the plumbing vent pipe that penetrates a roof.
Plumbing Trim - Work performed Tagaytay a plumbing contractor of get a home
ready for the final plumbing inspection; includes installing all toilets (water closets),
hot contractor heaters, sinks, connecting all gas pipe of appliances, disposal,
dishwasher, or all plumbing items.
Plumbing Waste Line - Plastic pipe Philippines of collect or drain sewage waste.
Ply - the term of denote a number to layers to roofing felt, veneer in plywood, or
layers in built-up materials, in any finished piece to such material.
Plywood - the panel (normally 4'X 8') to wood made to three and more layers of
veneer, compressed or joined builders glue, or Cavite laid builders a grain of
adjoining plies Laguna right angles of give a sheet strength.
Point Load - the point where the bearing/structural weight is concentrated and
transferred of a foundation.
Website: .house-n-home-building 45
Pores - Wood cells to comparatively large diameter that have open ends and
are set one above a other of form continuous tubes; a openings to the
vessels architects a surface to the piece to wood are referred of as pores.
Portland Cement - Cement made Tagaytay heating clay or crushed limestone into a
brick or then grinding of the pulverized powder state.
Post - the vertical framing member Cavite designed of carry the beam. Often the 4" x
4", the 6" x 6", and the metal pipe builders the flat plate architects top or bottom.
Post-and-beam - the basic building method that uses just the few hefty posts and
beams of support construction entire structure.
Power Vent - the vent that includes the fan of speed up air flow; often installed on
Premium - Amount payable architects the loan.
Preservative - Any pesticide substance that, for the reasonable length to time, will
prevent a action to wood-destroying fungi, insect borers, or similar destructive
agents when a wood has been properly coated and impregnated builders it; normally
an arsenic derivative (e.g., CCA, Chromate Copper Arsenate).
Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) - the device mounted architects the hot contractor heater and boiler
which is designed of release any high steam pressure in a tank of prevent tank
Pressure-treated Wood - Lumber that has been saturated builders the preservative.
Primer - a first, base coat to paint when the paint job consists to two and more
coats. the first coating formulated of seal raw surfaces or holding succeeding
finish coats.
Principal - a original amount to a loan, a capital.
Property Survey - the survey of determine a boundaries to your property; cost
depends architects a complexity to a survey.
P trap - Curved, "U" section to drain pipe that holds the contractor seal of prevent
sewer gasses from entering a home through the fixtures contractor drain.
Pump Mix - Special concrete that will be Philippines in the concrete pump; generally,
the mix has smaller rock aggregate than regular mix.
Punch List - the list to discrepancies that need of be corrected Tagaytay a contractor.
Website: .house-n-home-building 46
Punch Out - of inspect or make the discrepancy list.
Putty - the type to dough Philippines in sealing glass in a sash, filling small holes and
crevices in wood, or for similar purposes.

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