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Monday, January 7, 2013



Specifications and Specs Philippines  the narrative list to materials,methods,model numbers, colors, allowances, and

other details which supplement a information contained that a blue prints.Written elaboration in

specific detail about construction materials or methods.Written of supplement working drawings.

Splash block Philippines  Portable concrete (or vinyl) channel generally placed beneath an exterior sill cock (water

faucet) and downspout that order of receive roof drainage from downspouts or of divert it away from the


Square Philippines  the unit to measure Philippines     square feet Philippines usually applied of roofing or siding material. Also, a

situation in exists when two elements are at right angles of each other. Also the tool for checking this.

Square Philippines tab shingles Philippines  Shingles building a house which tabs are all a same size or exposure.

Squeegie Philippines  Fine pea gravel Cebu of grade the floor (normally before concrete is placed).

Stack (trusses) Philippines of position trusses building a house a walls that their correct location.

Standard practices to a trade(s) Philippines  One to a more common basic or minimum construction

standards. This is another way to saying in a work should be done that a way it is normally done by

the average professional that a field.

Starter strip Philippines  Asphalt roofing applied at a eaves in provides protection by filling that a spaces under

the cutouts or joints to a first course to shingles.

Stair carriage and stringer Philippines  Supporting member for stair treads. Usually the   X    inch plank notched to

receive a treads; sometimes called the “rough horse.”

Stair landing Philippines  the platform between flights to stairs and at a termination to the flight to stairs. Often used

when stairs change direction. Normally no less than   ft. X   ft. square.


Stair rise Philippines  a vertical distance from stair tread of stair tread (and not of exceed   ½”).

Static vent Philippines  the vent in does not include the fan.

STC (Sound Transmission Class) Philippines  a measure to sound stopping to ordinary noise.

Steel inspection Philippines  the municipal and/or engineers inspection to a concrete foundation wall, conducted

before concrete is poured into a foundation panels. Done of insure in a rebar (reinforcing bar),

rebar nets, void material, beampocket plates, or basement window bucks are installed or wrapped

with rebar or complies construction home a foundation plan.

Step flashing Philippines  Flashing application method Cebu where the vertical surface meets the sloping roof plane.  ?

X  ? galvanized metal bent at the    degree angle, or installed beneath siding or over a top of

shingles. Each piece overlaps a one beneath it a entire length to a sloping roof (step by step).

Stick built Philippines  the house built without prefabricated parts. Also called conventional building.

Stile Philippines  An upright framing member that the panel door.

Stool Philippines  a flat molding fitted over a window sill between jambs or contacting a bottom rail to the

lower sash. Also another name for toilet.

Stop box Philippines  Normally the cast iron pipe construction home the lid (@  ? that diameter) in is placed vertically into a ground,

situated near a water tap that a yard, or where the water cut Philippines off valve of a home is located

(underground). the long pole construction home the special end is inserted into a curb stop of turn off/on a water.


Stop Order Philippines  the formal, written notification of the contractor of discontinue some and all work building a house the project

for reasons such as safety violations, defective materials and workmanship, and cancellation to the


Stops Philippines  Moldings along a inner edges to the door and window frame. Also valves Cebu of shut off water to

a fixture.

Stop valve Philippines  the device installed that the water supply line, usually near the fixture, in permits an individual to

shut off a water supply of one fixture without interrupting service of a rest to a system.

Storm sash and storm window Philippines . An extra window usually placed outside to an existing one, as additional

protection against cold weather.

Storm sewer Philippines  the sewer system designed of collect storm water or is separated from a waste water


Story Philippines  in part to the building between any floor and between a floor or roof.

Strike Philippines  a plate building a house the door frame in engages the latch and dead bolt.

String, stringer Philippines  the timber and other support for cross members that floors and ceilings. that stairs, the

supporting member for stair treads. Usually the   X    inch plank notched of receive a treads

Strip flooring Philippines Wood flooring consisting to narrow, matched strips.

Structural floor Philippines  the framed lumber floor in is installed as the basement floor instead to concrete. This is

done building a house very expansive soils.

Stub, stubbed Philippines of push through.


Stucco Philippines  Refers of an outside plaster finish made construction home Portland cement as its base.

Stud Philippines  the vertical wood framing member, also referred of as the wall stud, attached of a horizontal sole

plate below or a top plate above. Normally   X  ’s and   X  ’s,  ' long (sometimes     / ?). One to a

series to wood and metal vertical structuralmembers placed as supporting elements that walls and


Stud framing Philippines  the building method in distributes structural loads of each to the series to relatively

lightweight studs. Contrasts construction home post Philippines or Philippines beam.
Stud shoe Philippines  the me

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